Basalt is a volcanic origin effusive rock formed mainly by calcic plagioclase and pyroxenes. His chemically equivalent is the intrusive gabbro rock.

Basalt commonly features a porphyritic, micro-crystalline or glassy matrix. It's formed from the rapid cooling of magnesium-rich lava exposed at air or water, being a key component of oceanic crust. Basaltic magma is formed by a decompression melting of earth's mantle. The basalt grey shade comes from the ultrabasic magma characteristics from which was originated.

Basalt features great technical specifications not subjected to alterations, high compactness level and an excellent mechanical stress, shocks and slipping resistance.

Basalt can be used for any implementation both external and internal, flooring and lining even with cold or humid climates. The stone is ideally suiteable for bush-hummered, smooth or shiny flame finish. Material is mined in large blocks then processed according to requests.

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