Granite is the most abundant rock on the planet.

His coarse-grained structure confers granular incoherent texture, the rock is heterogeneous formed by large crystals with sharp edges shapes allowing to be classified as intrusive magmatic rock, magma from which it is made has acidic origin and actually granite composition is mostly siliceous, further this magma is viscous too and this justifies a very deep in the earth formation.

Granite's colouring is not uniform: his crystals can be pink (feldspar), black and white (mica) and clear (quartz).

Rock' surface is coarse and cold to the touch due to the crystal-clear facets. His toughness is variable due to the presence of different crystals, quartz and orthoclase are the toughests (aim level 7 on Mohs' scale), mica is less rough then iron. The average density of granite is between 2,75 g/cm3.

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